One of the biggest reservoir of clear water is to be found in Iceland
This geographic and geological position of the island is unique on our planet. Here meet the golf stream with the intense volcanic activity.
A place where impetuous geological transformations is witnessed by the slow seasonal movement of the perennial glaciers.
This synergy between ice and fire makes on Iceland landscape true spectacular manifestation of nature.
The glaciers that in the short summers thaw, to release enormous quantity of fresh water creating impetuous glacial rivers.
This majesty of water and nature has given me as landscape photographer, the inspiration to visit regularly Iceland, but soon enough I find out that such natural potential would pass unnoticed for some kind of exploitation.
The construction of 9 dams in the vicinity of the Vatnajokull, the biggest glacier in the world outside Greenland to serve an aluminium multinational concern, is one example
With this picture serial Nocco wants to point out how the stunning beauty of nature is so fragile through the fact of human interferences.
As soon human interact to exploit its economic potential and nowhere else is so evident like in this island where nature and humans can be experienced in their truly interactive essence.