Me, Scheimpflug and Nicola.

In the past few years, I have been exploring the potentiality of the full frame mirrorless camera, in combination with vintage and modern manual focus lenses.

Here are displayed some examples of selective focus portraits, big thanks to my very patient friend/model Nicola!

Iceland's Gold


After 10 years, "Iceland's Gold" is back, all photos are now displayed.
Never stop the fight!


East Iceland, August 2007.
The water reaches the anticipated level, the new artificial reservoir Hàlslòn is full.
57 square kilometres of one of the last parts of pure land left in Europe are gone - once the idea was to create a national park here, one of the biggest in Iceland.
To realize the project of Kàrahnjùkar, 9 dams were created, including the biggest of Europe, and to build them more then 13 million cubic meters of concrete has been used. To reach this remote area and to transport the materials, a completely new road was built and when the project was finished the road became useless.

Linhof MT  6x12 

18 May - 30 June

Seæ Inside
Natura Morta

Seæ Inside
New Age Flowers
Seæ Inside

‘Water is dead.’ That sounds like a joke: here we have clean water coming out of our taps 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Worldwide, the question really is: how long does water still have? ‘Water is life.’ Don’t close your eyes! Also here, it won’t take long before that will be the joke.

The sea was the womb for life on our planet. We still carry that sea within us, we consist of water. 

With this serie I reminisce the still lifes of the old Dutch masters, who used strong compositions of colourful flowers, light and symbols to refer to life and death I would like to invite you to turn your look inside, to see inside, and reflect on the importance that water should have in our time.

Text: Eva Gerrits

'You can lose yourself in a glass of water'